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Discover the raw diet revolution for Bengal cats and why they deserve the advantages of raw food. Unleash their natural instincts, enhance digestion, promote dental health, and strengthen their immune system. Join the revolution now!

Raw Diet Revolution: Why Your Bengal Cat Deserves the Advantages of Raw Food! 

Hey there, fellow Bengal cat enthusiasts! If you’re like me, you want the absolute best for your feline friend, and that includes providing them with a healthy and satisfying diet. That’s why today we’re diving into the raw diet revolution for Bengal cats. As an experienced Bengal cat breeder specializing in Bengal cats, I give my cats a ‘balanced raw diet.’ Balanced raw diet has incredible advantages. So, let’s explore why your Bengal cat deserves the game-changing benefits of a balanced raw diet!

At Brooklyn Bengals, we are a proponent of the ‘balanced raw diet.’ (#bklynbengalsraw) Before we talk about our version of a ‘balanced raw diet’, let me talk about some of the benefits of feeding your Bengal raw in general.

Unleash Their Natural Instincts with Raw Food

Bengal cats come from the Asian Leopard Cat, a small cat in Asia that is the origin of the Bengal breed. This makes Bengals wild at heart, and raw food taps into their innate hunting instincts like nothing else and showcases their primal connection to their natural diet.

Enhanced Digestion and Nutrient Absorption for Optimal Health

One of the most remarkable advantages of a raw diet for Bengal cats is its positive impact on digestion. Cats can suffer from sensitive stomachs, allergies, and irritable bowel syndrome. Switching to a balanced raw diet can alleviate these issues, leading to improved overall digestive health. Take Simba, a Bengal kitten who experienced recurring stomach upset. After transitioning him to a raw diet, his tummy troubles vanished, and he blossomed into a happier, healthier cat.

Raw food also offers higher bioavailability of nutrients compared to processed alternatives, ensuring that your Bengal cat can absorb and utilize essential nutrients more efficiently. It’s like providing them with a nutrient-packed feast that fuels their bodies.

Promote Dental Health and Hygiene Naturally

Let’s not forget the importance of dental health for our Bengal companions. Chewing on raw meat naturally cleans their teeth, preventing common dental issues like tartar buildup and gum inflammation. My own Bengal cat, Luna, used to struggle with dental problems. However, after introducing raw bones into her diet, her teeth became stronger, her breath fresher, and dental checkups were a breeze. It’s a simple yet effective way to maintain their oral hygiene.

Provide a Balanced and Species-Appropriate Diet

Most veterinarians do not recommend a raw diet. I believe this is because they are influenced by the pet food manufacturers. As someone who specializes in Bengal cats, I can’t emphasize enough the significance of a balanced diet tailored to their specific needs. A balanced raw diet offers exactly that—a species-appropriate diet that mimics their natural prey-based meals. It provides the perfect balance of proteins, fats, and essential nutrients necessary for their overall well-being.

Support Optimal Weight Management and Energy Levels

Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for the health and longevity of our Bengal cats. A raw diet can be instrumental in weight management, offering a higher protein content and fewer carbohydrates compared to processed foods. Max, a Bengal who struggled with weight gain, experienced a transformation after transitioning to a raw diet. He shed those extra pounds, gained increased energy levels, and rediscovered his zest for life.

Strengthen the Immune System for a Healthier Bengal Cat

A robust immune system is vital for Bengal cats to ward off common ailments and stay healthy. A balanced raw diet plays a significant role in boosting their immune system. By providing fresh, minimally processed ingredients, we reduce their exposure to additives and preservatives that can compromise their immune function. I witnessed this firsthand with Mia, a Bengal cat who frequently fell ill due to a weakened immune system. After switching her to a raw diet, her immune system became stronger, and she started enjoying a healthier, illness-free life. It was truly remarkable!

Decrease in Allergens from a Raw Diet

The great thing about a raw diet is that it consists of minimal ingredients, with fewer potential allergens compared to commercial cat food. Raw diets typically exclude common allergenic ingredients like grains, artificial additives, and fillers, which can trigger allergic responses. By eliminating these potential allergens from their diet, cats may produce less allergenic saliva and dander. See our blog.

Additionally, raw diets are known to improve the overall health and immune system of cats. When cats are healthy and their immune systems are strong, they are less likely to produce excessive allergenic proteins. So, not only does a raw diet benefit your feline friend, but it can also make your life as an allergy sufferer much more comfortable.

Poop is less Stinky on a Raw Diet

When cats consume a raw diet, they are getting a wholesome, natural meal that their bodies are designed to digest. Raw food is easily absorbed and utilized by their systems, leaving behind less waste. This means that their poop becomes smaller, firmer, and less odorous.

In addition, a raw diet typically contains fewer additives, fillers, and artificial ingredients that can contribute to foul-smelling stools. By eliminating these potential culprits, you’re promoting a healthier digestive system in your cat, resulting in more pleasant trips to the litter box.

What is the “Brooklyn Bengals’ Balanced Raw Diet (BBBRD)”?

Online you will see people adding many interesting ingredients to their pet’s raw diet. These can range from chicken livers, salmon oil, chicken hearts, raw eggs etcetera to the basic raw meat. We, at Brooklyn Bengals, think it is a great idea to experiment and see what your pet likes. But we recommend the following as the core gold version we call the Brooklyn Bengals Balanced Raw Diet.

    1. Chicken drumsticks with the skin ground through a 1.5 horse power commercial grade grinder.

    1. Supplement powder like NuVet Plus Feline Powder or Doc Roy’s Daily Care

    1. Pumpkin paste. 

    1. Taurine

    1. Lysine

Drumsticks with skin have both the necessary fat content and the calcium and bone marrow in addition to the meat. Please contact us if you want to find out which grinder to purchase. We use a non-branded grinder that costs about $300 and does the job satisfactorily of grinding the bones completely so that you cannot feel any bones in the ground meat on your fingertips. Other commercial grinders can run you into the thousands. Half teaspoon of Supplement Powder should be added to each feeding. Additionally, we add a pinch (one eighth of a teaspoon) of Lysine powder, and of Taurine powder for each feeding . Lysine is good for the pet’s immune system and Taurine is good for your pet’s  heart. Contact us if you want to know which Taurine and Lysine powder to use. We use human grade Taurine and Lysine available cheaply and in bulk. Finally, we add one teaspoon of crushed pumpkin paste. This helps in healthy probiotic oriented gut activity. This is our golden recipe called Brooklyn Bengals’ Balanced Raw Diet. 

If you have any questions about our recipe, please feel free to get in touch.


The raw diet revolution for Bengal cats offers undeniable advantages that your furry friend deserves. As an experienced Bengal cat breeder specializing in Bengal cats, I’ve witnessed the incredible benefits of raw food firsthand. From unleashing their natural instincts to promoting better digestion, nutrient absorption, dental health, weight management, and a stronger immune system, a raw diet provides a well-rounded, species-appropriate, and nourishing diet for your Bengal cat.

Consulting with your veterinarian is essential before making any dietary changes to ensure a safe and balanced transition. Together, let’s give our Bengal cats the diet they crave and deserve—a balanced raw diet that keeps them healthy, happy, and in touch with their wild nature! So, do your research and consider joining the balanced raw diet revolution for your pet.