Brooklyn Bengals

We are a group of Bengal cat breeders who are registered with TICA. We breed purebred Bengals in different colors, such as Charcoals, Snows, Browns, Silvers, and Blues. When you get a cat from us, they will have had all their core vaccines, and we offer a two-year health guarantee on them. We also promise that we will be around to help you with any questions you may have about your new family member for the rest of their life.

Bengal cats, brooklyn bengals, bengal kittens

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We always have kittens available from our breeding program and partners

Bengal cats, brooklyn bengals, bengal kittens

Who We Are

We Love Your Pet, Just as You Do!

Pick up in Brooklyn or get your pet delivered anywhere in New York State or near state line!

Bengal cats, brooklyn bengals, bengal kittens

Why Choose us for getting your Bengal?
We offer:

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2 Year Health Guarantee

While we strive to give healthy kittens, we offer a 2 year health guarantee should your pet have a serious health issue

Core Vaccines, Dewomers, DeParasiters

Our kittens come with complete core FVRCP vaccines, dewormers and deparasiters saving you money


All our kittens come with pedigree papers unless stated otherwise

Lifetime of Consulting

We offer a life of consulting should anything go wrong with your kitten saving you unnecessary vet visits and thousands of $ over the life of your Bengal


Happy Faces

Here are some testimonials but we encourage you to chat to our clients who we keep in touch with on our Insta page: @bklynbengals

We are very happy with our new silver girl. She is amazing and whenever we need help, Brooklyn Bengals is a call away

Jane F, Greenwich

Cheers for the wonderful charcoal boy. He is a stunner and thank you for your guidance over the last year

Mike R, Westport

Bengal cats, bengal kittens, brooklyn bengals, hypoallergenic kitten, hypoallergenic cat

Our Bengal pair are the best addition to our family in years. Thank you Brooklyn Bengals for following up and providing a healthy, trained pair of brown Bengals

Valerie T, Park Slope, Brooklyn

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